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You are SUPER!!!

Hello everyone, I noticed that not much is being said yet, so I though I'd get the ball rolling :) I'll start with a little questionare:

What is your name? Katie

How old is your baby/child? Just turned 1 on June 29th!

What is his/her name? Dylan Thomas

Where do you live? Eureka, CA

What's the weather like there? Sunny, yay!

How have you been a SUPER MOM today?

I got myself out of bed after an all night nurse fest -ouch!
I did a load of diapers today and rinsed twice.
I gave my little guys tons of hugs and kisses
I fed him some home made hot cereal

What are you doing for the rest of the day?

Going to the store and to the park...watching a moving tonight w/ a friend.

What is your favorite part of being a SUPER mom?

Breastfeeding, Waking up to my little guy's smile every morning, knowing that even if I didn't do much with my day, I still did something important.

Add your own!

Cut and paste and add your answers :) I know, lame questions, but we should start somewhere!

~Have a SUPER day!!!~
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You are a super mom.. and should take a bow!! Now I have to fill this out! LOL